January 2021 Top Stories About Human Resources

Even when the year is just beginning, a few stories in the human resources sector take people by storm. They range from success stories to some more practical matters. Keep on reading for the top stories about human resources.

Top Stories About Human Resources

A Singaporean company called MindChamps has recently won a silver award at HR Excellence Awards 2020 in Singapore. The category was Excellence in Workplace Culture. Michelle Peh, the Chief Brand Officer, and Global Group General Manager, shared how her company handled human resources.

MindChamps credits its unique culture in the workplace for netting the silver award. There are 3-Minds, and 10 Attributes employees have to follow. The 3-Minds are Champion, Learning, and Creative Minds. Each employee is trained to attain all three and help boost creativity. The 10 Attributes include “Setbacks as Setups” and other inspirational statements. Michelle Peh believes that the 3-Minds and 10 Attributes helped the workers power through the pandemic’s hardships. In particular, the Champion Mind helped them transition to an online environment despite facing many challenges.

W-2s in the United States

There is a story about W-2s in the US that needs to be corrected due to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). These are due by January 31 to employees, but the FFCRA has caused some complications. The act allows for workers to qualify for paid sick leave or paid family leave. These must be noted in W-2s, but some W-2s have been sent out without noting that wages paid for leave must be reported.

These W2s do not account for FFCRA wages, and thus they contain outdated and incorrect tax information. Companies have to send out corrected W-2s, also called W-2Cs. These are documents that accurately account for FFCRA leave wages. If the W-2 is sent out but has not been filed with the Social Security Administration (SSA), a new one can be sent out. The old W-2 must be labeled void, and the new one must have “CORRECTED” on it.

However, for those who have already sent out their W-2s, the employer has to file W-2Cs instead. W-3C forms must also be filed to send the correct amount due. This process is understandably more tedious.

A Little Vaccine Controversy

The COVID-19 pandemic has also affected the human resources sector. Many companies are buying COVID-19 vaccines in bulk to keep their employees safe from the virus. While this may seem a noble act, there is a great possibility that the companies doing so will face lawsuits. Some anti-vaccine employees who refuse the vaccine might be laid off and sue the company. They might claim wrongful termination and start lengthy lawsuits.

Mandating the vaccine for employees is a controversial move. While it is important to keep workers safe, those whose conscience cannot allow vaccines can sue. This will only complicate matters further and cause unnecessary division. Ultimately, this story has both good and bad sides to it.

There are reports that companies are going to have to respond to social issues of the day. Many employees tend to be more active when their employers are up to date with everyone’s social issues. If the company’s leadership is involved in social issues, it shows the employees that their leaders care. Thus, the employees are often going to stay with the company longer since they have allies.

What About Those Who Work from Home?

Continuing on social issues, there is a possible problem with the gender-wage gap. Men are more likely to return to the workplace, and women tend to prefer staying at home. There is a bias with managers as they tend to promote and give raises to in-office employees. This is due to the misconception that office workers are more productive.

On the contrary, workers from home have been proven to be higher performers. This view means that since men are more likely to return to the office and get raises, women will get fewer opportunities for a higher wage.

Staying Well in 2021

Our last story will focus on employee experience. The pandemic has led to human resources teams learning how to shape a productive employee experience, as working from home is different from working in the office. For 2021, there has to be a focus on helping employees’ mental and physical health to be productive.

Final Thoughts

The year has only begun, but there are many top stories about human resources. If you require human resource help, a professional company can help you. Companies like this have years of experience to draw from and deliver the best results.