HR Topics

HR Topics

What you need to know to excel in the field of HR.

Team Management

Team management refers to those activities and actions that help in bringing a team together to carry out a specific task efficiently. Tasks can involve everyday activities or specific projects.


Innovation is a very real need in Human Resources. And, it doesn’t just relate to the HR department, but also the interaction between an organization’s workforce and each department.

Training & Development

Training and Development is a fundamental function of the Human Resources department. It usually falls under HRM and is concerned with those activities and actions focused on improving the…

Organizational Culture

Organizational culture defines a proper way for all employees to behave within the organizational framework. This culture involves shared values and beliefs that are established by founders and leaders.

Insight & Screening

The screening of employees is something that every organization should make part of their recruitment process. In certain cases, post-employment screening can also come in useful, such as while…

Goal Setting

Goal setting or performance planning is a form of collaborative discussion between a manager and individual team members. It typically occurs at the start of a performance cycle to set clear and mutual…