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January 25, 2021

HR Mindset Transformation and New Trends for 2021

Ever since the new normal of the COVID-19 pandemic became a part of everyday life, many environments people were used to for so long had to change. HR is one of those areas, particularly the HR mindset. Here are some of the current trends for HR in 2021 worth noting.

HR Mindset Trends

Now that employees are working from home, they are expected to balance work and comfort, which can be not easy. This is difficult because the virtual methods lack closeness to others. Companies need to experiment with new ways to build up functional and effective teams and how employees interact with each other. What worked in the pre-COVID era will still work when the lockdowns are over, but for the time being, formalizing these virtual interactions will help employees feel secure and welcomed. The company will also streamline its workflow better with some help.

HR technology is often viewed as a wonderful tool, but not all HR departments are willing to transition to a fully automated system, for example. This would be fine in a company where interactions are mostly in-person. Today, the opportunity for these kinds of interactions isn’t prevalent as many workers are opting to work from home. This means that the HR department has to adapt. Adopting innovative technology helps manage employees virtually, but this can also save the entire company a lot of time and money. Newer systems and technologies are very efficient and can take almost no time to set new goals. Optimizing the workflow will only benefit the company overall, even with some initial discomfort.

The Challenges of Working from Home

As working from home may be less efficient for some, or it could deprive some employees of interaction with colleagues and cause some social interaction damage. HR teams must focus on the mental and social wellbeing of all employees. Being isolated from the rest of the company is bound to increase anxiety and loneliness, which can eventually cause a mental breakdown. The HR department must make itself available and empathize with all employees. By supporting employees through stressful times, they are much more likely to pull through and recover. HR must also develop new strategies for the future; working from home might stay for some industries. There must be a way to offer support to workers.

Working from home also requires companies to tailor their work environment, working hours, and other areas. This is where job crafting comes in. HR should allow for certain provisions to be taken by the employee to create the optimal environment. For example, the employee might prefer to work outside normal office hours. They might even arrange for their home office to be as comfortable as possible without offering any room for distractions. If both the employee and the employer are happy, then the former will most likely perform much better than before compared to past arrangements.

Stress Management Approach

Searching for an anti-fragile personality within workers is also beneficial. While resilience under pressure and trauma is good, anti-fragility is even better. The latter causes the person to drive themselves to be better and learn from the experience, however jarring it may be. Bouncing back is what companies need in the face of a global pandemic. Simply remaining stalwart isn’t always enough. Employees need to thrive.

While not everyone comes with an anti-fragile personality by default, it is possible to train employees to be more anti-fragile than before. Some of the most common methods are combating negative emotions with positive ones. For example, relaxing when stress is reaching critical levels. Allowing oneself to grieve when faced with a loss or tough situation is a healthy way to process these negative emotions and trauma. With an anti-fragile personality, workers are more likely to bounce back and perform wonderfully.

Another way HR teams can use to improve the workplace is VR and AR. While this is not widely adopted yet, there have been talks and discussions about integrating these new technologies. This will allow for a form of presence that closely resembles a real and physical interview or office experience, all without actually being there.

Shifting with the Environment

A new year always comes with new things. HR mindset transformation is undoubtedly experiencing some major shifts, and it’s always a good idea to keep up with them. Ideally, you can continue to grow as an organization and employ your new findings in your own company with so much uncertainty about the future.



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