How to Stay Up-to-Date on Current HR Employment Laws

The HR industry is ever-growing. As such, professionals in this field need to stay up to date with the developments occurring on a state and federal level to ensure they stay on top of current HR employment laws. Since policies and laws are frequently changing and differ from state to state, Human Resources practitioners need to find feasible ways to stay informed so that they can provide the best value for their clients.

HR professionals must therefore stay on top of any changes as they happen to pertain to employment laws, labor, healthcare, injury, retirement, unemployment, and many other sectors. By doing so, they are helping provide a holistic service to their customers, which is highly valuable. Since there is no single resource dedicated to keeping track of the changing policies and laws, many organizations have taken steps to create their own databases in an effort to stay a step ahead in our increasingly litigious environment. Thus, what resources can organizations use to stay up to date on current HR employment laws?

Society for Human Resource Management Services

This is one of the most accurate and significant resources for HR legislative news. To access these resources, however, one needs to be a member of the society, which requires paying a fee to join. Apart from that, they send very useful newsletters to their subscribers to keep them abreast with arising issues in the industry. If you aren’t ready for the subscription, you can still enjoy the free content but note that the Important information can only be accessed by paying members.


How to Stay Up-to-Date on Current HR Employment Laws


Retaining an Employment Law Attorney

Even the most zealous HR professional cannot match a professional employment law advocate when it comes to knowledge about current HR employment laws. This is why having a seasoned attorney who specializes in this area comes in handy. Since they are usually the first to know about new legislation, they can keep you up to date and help clarify legal issues as they come up both on a state and federal level. For instance, since changes to the Affordable Care Act affect plenty of workers, knowing what exactly is going on can help your clients navigate the new laws to their advantage.

Government Publications and Public Sector Resources

State and federal institutions can also be instrumental in staying up to date with changes in the HR sector. For instance, the Department of Labor and other state Departments of Labor regularly send email updates to their subscribers, informing them of any changes in policy and legislation. HR professionals should make use of these organizations since their information is usually accurate and usually very relevant. If you are working with an international team, then look for the offices dedicated to labor issues abroad, and you can also find relevant resources on their platforms as well.

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Privately Owned Websites

As previously highlighted, there is no single resource where someone can get all the information they need in HR laws and policies. As such, privately owned ventures stepped in and developed some of the most impressive platforms to concentrate this information. This is in a bid to provide professionals with the most comprehensive HR information out there. While some may be free, most need a paid subscription to get access to the valuable content. Here are a few examples of these websites.

As you can see, the options are not limited when it comes to resources an organization can use to stay abreast of current issues. New technologies and worthy professionals should help you significantly in your endeavors to provide the best services for your clients.

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