How Post-Employment Interviews Help You Retain the Best Employees?

Every employer knows that good help can be hard to find. That’s a maxim every business owner from here to the Himalayas has heard at least a thousand times. This correlation between a faulty employee and a frustrated employer is almost an expectation in business— but what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if we told you one of the most effective ways to maintain the very best staff is with one simple addition to your employee onboarding process? The Post-Employment Interviews could be your solution.

How Post-Employement Interviews Help You Retain the Best Staff

You worked hard to polish your employee onboarding process, developed and refined a proactive recruiting procedure, prepared informative and insightful training materials, and implemented a helpful and personable HR department. As a result, you covered your bases and should reasonably expect that incoming staff will have all the tools necessary to achieve success at your company.

Sometimes, however, expectations can outstrip reality.

Both employees and the employer have one major thing in common that is often waylaid in business: they are all human. Lives must be lead. Pressures can become overbearing and stressful. Miscommunication and resentment can bloom and fester among any team.

A strong Post-Employee Interview can help employers gauge and refine their hiring process and onboarding experience from the employee’s perspective. Discover what the employee loved most about working for you and what they didn’t— and at the same time, refine your onboarding checklist from start to finish.

How Post-Employee Interviews Impact Employees

You want your employees to feel like they are valued and respected members of your team. What better way than to let them know that their input is an essential element of your business? A solid Post-Employee Interview can help you identify problematic hiring methods, inter-department weaknesses, and/or poor communication among teams. This dearth of knowledge can hone your onboarding process in a dramatic way, as well as aid in the careful selection of prospective employees.

Employers and staff both want the same thing— a pleasant and productive workplace. During a Post-Employee Interview, a previous staffer may feel more comfortable divulging problems they experienced while working for you that you might not have considered before. Aside from any negatives, the employee may share what they loved best about the job. Either way, you are better informed and empowered to identify issues and strengths in your practices.

The benefits are twofold— good employees will know that their input matters to you, and less productive employees can be eliminated before the onboarding process kicks off. So a win-win situation all around.


If you choose to implement a Post-Employee Interview in your outboard process, you are making a decision that can ultimately prove a positive advantage for your company. With the rise and popularity of sites like Indeed and Glassdoor, which encourage employees to rate and review their previous employers— the Post-Employee Interview can help your business maintain or improve its averages.

Information is power! Make sure your company is taking every opportunity to guarantee its success. A Post-Employee Interview is an introspective and progressive component to add to any business’ repertoire.

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