Challenges Hiring Managers are facing in the Current Labor Market of 2021

In today’s job market, most managers are struggling to recruit top candidates who are qualified and capable of meeting the standards of vacant positions. Unfortunately, this task is constantly becoming daunting and difficult for hiring managers due to ineffective processes and deadlines that don’t allow them to conduct a comprehensive recruitment exercise. These are just a few obstacles that hinder the hiring process from becoming successful and producing the desired candidates to satisfy the job requirements.


The current market, however, offers fewer opportunities which makes people less motivated to seek employment. Therefore, most recruitment managers are facing a lot of challenges in getting the right people in the interview room. There are many reasons why hiring managers are currently undergoing problems in today’s labor market.


Decrease in the number of applicants

After the global economy experienced a sudden deterioration due to the pandemic, the slow recovery has resulted in a decline in unemployment across different industries. However, this means that the number of applicants has decreased drastically due to the high competition in recruiting qualified candidates. As a result, the task for most hiring managers has become tougher as they struggle to fill vacant positions within their organization.


Hiring in the last minute

Rather than being proactive in their recruitment which would give them time to source the right applicants, they react to fill positions within a particular deadline. Rushing the entire process results in failure to follow the proper channels required during hiring, onboarding, and integrating a new employee into the organization. It also reduces the time needed to assess several candidates to determine their skill level and ability to perform assigned duties.


Candidate application withdrawal

Over the period where most people lost their jobs and employment opportunities decreased, most people learned of other options for sustainability. The recruitment process becomes less appealing to most applicants, which results in the withdrawal of their applications before the process ends. Most managers, therefore, become more devastated since a lot of resources and time went into getting these candidates, to only lose them before the end of the process.


Lack of definitive areas for seeking talent

Most organizations are used to certain channels and areas for acquiring applicants to fill specific positions. However, these channels can be less fruitful in bringing the best and most qualified candidates for interviews. Despite putting in time and resources to get the word out to the appropriate audience, the entire exercise can be less fruitful than expected. If the manager faces a deadline, they can be tempted to use personal channels by onboarding acquaintances to fill these positions. These can lead to liability or risk discrimination which affects the credibility of the process and the company.


It is vital for hiring managers to develop more effective recruitment channels by identifying avenues that are more likely to bring qualified applicants. In addition, they must learn how to adapt to the unfavorable conditions of the labor market and design strategies that are more suited to the current conditions.