5 Top Human Resource Management Courses in the US

Human resource management is a complicated topic, and professionals today still need to learn more about it to grasp it fully. To help HR professionals better understand this complex topic, there are a variety of courses out there. Here are 5 top human resource management courses in the US.


5 Top Human Resource Management Courses in the US


Professional Human Resource Management Review (University of Toledo College of Business Administration)


This eleven-week course in professional human resource management is offered by the University of Toledo’s College of Business Administration. It beats the national pass rate consistently and helps HR professionals learn critical HR skills and knowledge.

Mid-level managers and professionals are encouraged to apply. The structured classroom environment is designed to help you stay focused, and you have an experienced instructor to guide you. In this course, you also get to network with other HR professionals.


Transitioning to Human Performance Improvement (University of Tulsa College of Business Administration)


This course is focused on human performance improvement, and any HR professional should possess these skills. The course will teach you how to apply HPI in your company and help change your workplace to allow for HPI values. The classes are interactive, and instructors give feedback.

After you complete the course, you can help boost your workplace’s teams. However, this course requires you to take some prerequisites. As a result, you should not consider taking this without the others.


Course in Coaching for Human Resource Professionals (Center for Creative Leadership’s 7 locations)


For mid to high-level HR professionals, this course will teach you CCL’s unique leadership framework, along with a variety of coaching skills. CCL’s highly-trained instructors will help you learn more about yourself and others too. Along the way, there are plenty of opportunities to network with other HR professionals.

The course also lets you take a tool kit home after completion. The kit is useful for implementing CCL’s tips and tricks in your company. There are also post-program opportunities available.


SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) Learning System PHR/SPHR Exam Preparation Program (CSU Long Beach, College of Business Administration)


It would help if you were permitted to register for this exam. Experienced HR professionals ought to apply, as a score of 70% and above will allow you to be certified. The course is taught by professionals who will guide you throughout the process.


Analyzing Human Performance (University of Tulsa College of Business Administration)


This two-day course will teach you how to analyze human performance. They will instruct you in the use of the Performance DNA Toolkit. This toolkit is made to help HR professionals understand how workers perform and what to do with the information.


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Now that you know about the 5 top human resource management courses in the US, you can choose from them. They will help you become a better HR professional, and you can help benefit your workplace. You might even meet some other HR professionals you can network with.


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