10 ways leaders can demonstrate their appreciation for employees

No one wants to work for a boss that never shows appreciation for their workers. A good employer will give praise when it’s due and recognizes the team’s hard work and effort. This will help boost company morale and drive up productivity in the workplace. Here are 10 actionable ways leaders can demonstrate their appreciation for employees.


10 ways leaders can demonstrate their appreciation for employees

10 useful ways to show appreciation

  1. Know their names

If you know your staff’s names, you can start connecting with them personally. You can then empathize with them much easier. Calling them by their names also makes your employees feel that they are valuable and worth your time.

  1. Buy them food

Whether it’s some snacks or the occasional pizza, feeding your employees is a way to show that you care for them. You can even pay for coffee. They will talk about how kind you are, which helps them bond as a team and strengthen relationships. You will surely give off an image as a kind boss and leader.

  1. Take them out for lunch.

Besides just buying them food in the office, you can allow for a more relaxed discussion when everyone is out at a nice restaurant. Since everyone is a mellower, exchanging ideas for business is much easier, and you’ll find that everyone will be more open to sharing their thoughts. Lunch is also a good way to show that you have their emotional wellbeing in mind.

  1. Give out some awards.

Recognize where your workers excel and award them for their good work. The marketing team recently boosted sales immensely? Announce the fact around the office. Please give them a good speech and an award to boost their morale. Your employees will know that you truly appreciate their hard work.

  1. Celebrate birthdays

If any staff member is working on their birthday, make it special for them. You can even go the extra mile and buy them a personalized cake with their name on it. This would tie into our first point. This also helps give off a good image as a leader who keeps employees in mind.

  1. Allow animals in on some days.

Some workers are animal lovers, keeping a dog, cat, or bird at home as companions or therapy animals. You can plan for a day when employees get to bring their lovely animals in for work. Your workers can get to know each other through their pets.

  1. Special projects

This might seem strange, but it’s backed up by research. Allow your workers to sign up and work on one. The study shows that this gives workers a sense of opportunity, motivating them to work harder. Show them that you allow for chances to rise.

  1. Encourage feedback

Setting up a system that allows employees to make their opinions heard shows them that you’re willing to listen. Someone might have a brilliant idea that will benefit everyone too. It can even be anonymous.

  1. Write and mail a letter.

Mail a particularly outstanding employee a handwritten letter and tell them how much you appreciate their efforts. This personal touch will make you much more approachable. Show them you keep their performance in mind and recognize it.

  1. Use social media creatively.

If employee posts about their anniversary or a joyful occasion, give them your warm regards with the company account or page. This puts your entire company’s values on display for all to see.

Treat them well

Always treat your employees well. They will repay your kindness by dedicating their time to their work. Keep everyone happy!